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  • Brenton State Park B&B Hotel Newport RI

Brenton Point State Park
Occupies former grounds of one of Newport's grandest estates

Ocean Dr where Narragansett Bay meets Atlantic Ocean

  • Ft Adams B&B Hotel Newport RI

Ft Adams

90 Fort Adams Dr

  • QueenAnneRedesign[1]

Queen Anne Square

Thames St

  • purgatory chasm B&B Hotel Newport RI

Purgatory Chasm
50 feet deep glacial cleft with awesome views

Purgatory Rd, Middletown

  • Manitonomi B&B Hotel Newport RI

Miantonomi Memorial Park

McKim, Mead & White built the 3rd largest self-supporting marble dome on the planet (St Peter's, Taj Mahal)

  • hike Ballard Park B&B Hotel Newport RI

Ballard Park
13 acres - hiking, yoga, movies on the rocks, bands, pumpkin tour

15 Wickham Rd or 1 Ocean Heights Rd